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SPRIT is a Paranormal Investigation ("Ghost Hunting") team located in Carthage New York near Watertown, and Syracuse.  We provide free confidential investigations of private residences, businesses, and properties in the upstate area.  We also seek to work together with other Paranormal Groups around the country to extend a helping hand to anyone who needs it.


To investigate claims of paranormal activity by using scientific equipment and critical thinking to provide solid evidence of hauntings, or to find logical alternate explanations for claims of activity.

To help those who need answers and piece of mind during a frightening time in their lives. 

To provide the most comprehensive thorough investigation possible to accurately diagnose the source of the activity they are experiencing.

To ensure the complete confidentiality of our clients, respecting their right to privacy.

To educate the clients so they can feel confident of their safety in their own home.

To continue to train and educate our team so that we can provide the best service possible.


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News 21 Feb 2012

Well we are back after a fairly long holiday break.  We did manage to sqeeze in an investigation during that break, and we will get any evidence we find posted as soon as possible.  Recently we recieved an urgent request to investigate the home of a resident in Watertown who had been experiencing some pretty frightening activity in their home.  The investigation went fantastically, and we are currently finishing our analysis of collected data.  Once the client has been shown our findings, we will post them to the site.  Trust us... it's worth the wait.

News 17 Dec 2011

SPRIT just finished the investigation for the Fitness Center at Madison Barracks in Sackets Harbor!  Investigation went great, it was an awesome location!  We are currently busting through our analysis of all the evidence we collected.  We had a few interesting experiences when we were there, so we are hoping to have some great clips to show for it!  Stay Tuned!


News 11 Dec 2011

SPRIT has left NAPPN after a few short weeks.  We felt we could reach more viewers and provide more content by making a show on YouTube!  Very soon we will start uploading shows, as well as recorded investigations for all our followers.  The shows can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/user/spritghost?feature=mhee.   So come Check us out!!  Upcoming investigation in Minnesota soon!

News 09 Nov 2011

Help SPRIT welcome it's 3 new investigators to the team!  Brandon, Amanda, and Casey are the newest editions to SPRIT, and have already done great things during the recent Grant House investigation!  

News 28 Oct 2011

SPRIT has just joined the North American Psychic & Paranormal Network!  Derek will be doing a weekly webcast every Saturday at 2PM on http://www.nappn.net/.  Come check it out!  I will be discussing our different investigations, going over the evidence, and discussing techniques for ghost hunting.  Come show your support!

News 27 Oct 2011

SPRIT is back!!!  After a long year in Afghanistan, the SPRIT team is back and fired up to get back to investigating!  Now that I am back in the land of better internet connections, the posts on the site shall now resume.  Be sure to check out the "ghost forums" for new paranormal topics and story swapping!  It's good to be back!

News 08 Aug 2010

Gem Lake investigation reveal is complete! I have audio and video posted, so go check it out!!Pictures soon.


Make way for SPRIT NM!

SPRIT has expanded!  We want to welcome James and Catherine who will be heading up SPRIT NM!! We are extremely excited to have them as a part of the SPRIT family! If anyone in the Albuquerque area who needs some help with the paranormal, contact us right away!

News 24 Sep 2010

August 26, 2010 SPRIT was called upon to investigate a studio in Gem Lake, MN.  Investigation went great! I enlisted the help of my sister Amber who was going to head up the Minnesota chapter of SPRIT,and she did a fantastic job. Now finally (after a busy period at my work) the data analysis is nearly complete.After the reveal with the client, I will post our findings.  STAY TUNED!!!!

News 14 Jul 2010

Finished up the analysis on the Sackets Harbor investigation.  There was a good EVP found, and some great results with the Ghost Box!  We'll definitely be doing a follow up investigation.  I'll post the audio in the Audio Evidence section, let us know what you think!

News 05 Jul 2010

Hey everyone! Just finishing up the data analysis on our rescent investigation of the barracks and battlefield at Sackets Harbor.  We had some new investigators on the team, and I thought the night went great!  Thank you to all our investigators with us that night, and welcome to the team! We've found some pretty good audio evidence so far, I'll post our findings as soon as we are done.


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If you or anyone you know is experiencing paranormal activity in the upstate NY area, please contact us by using the "Contact Us" link in the navigation bar to the right, or by emailing us at [email protected].





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